Can you tell me how to find a stock price for historical research?

To find a historic stock price, visit: and search for the name of the company or ticker symbol in the search box (e.g. Alphabet is symbol GOOG). Click on “Historical Data” to see prices for the open, high, low, close, as well as stock volume.  The available time period of historic data will vary by company, but typically data prior to the year 1970 will not be listed. One of our research databases, S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage, provides in-depth historical information as well, and can be found here:  Please keep in mind that most sources will show historic stock prices adjusted for splits and dividends.

If you are interested in locating historic stock data as it was reported in that day’s newspaper, the Business, Economics & Labor Department holds extensive print books that list those prices for the New York, American, and Nasdaq stock exchanges, as well as listings for Over-the-Counter stocks (time periods covered range from the 1930s-2010s depending on the market).

Other available reference titles cover historic information on obsolete securities, bonds, dividends, company histories, and mergers and acquisitions.  For further assistance or to learn of additional sources on these topics, please contact the Business, Economics and Labor Department by phone (216-623-2927), or through email:

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